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Salt-X Treatment at Select Car Washes in the HRM

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Introducing the NEW

Salt-X Auto-Mix Hose Sprayer Pkg.


salt x sprayerThe Salt-X Auto Mix Sprayer is a top of the line sprayer that provides a control knob with three settings (H2O, Off, Mix). For ease of handling the unit comes with a Garden Hose Quick Disconnect. The Quick Disconnect can be removed and the garden hose screwed directly into the sprayer. The F Style Bottle is “reusable” And it comes filled with 32 Ounces of Salt-X Concentrate. The Perfect size to carry on your boat or personal watercraft as well as in your car or truck.

The Salt-X Auto Mix Stream / Fan Sprayer provides a concentrated stream and even flow.  One knob controls both water and product flow.  The dip tube and bottle seal are included for use. A Custom mixture rate of 64:1 (2 ounce Salt-X to 1 Gallon of Water) ensures the Salt-X and water is mixed automatically to provide cost effective mixture distribution. The Salt-X Auto Mix Stream / Fan Sprayer is a high quality sprayer coupled with a 32 ounce F Style bottle that can be reused over and over again and refilled with our Salt-X Gallon Bottle.

The tamper-proof closure assures safety and provides peace-of-mind. Simply move the white tab to move the control knob from the water setting to the Off setting or to the Mix setting.

Makes 16 Gallons of Product

Only $ 59.00



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