“We were told when we were given a Free Sample of Salt-X that this stuff really works wonders; well we put it in the storage locker and forgot about it. Fast-forward 6 months later and the same old process of rinsing off the inflatable boats with a bit fresh water just wasn’t doing the trick. The boats really had another layer of salt on them and we didn’t even know!  We dug out the bottle of Salt-X with the Auto-Sprayer and hose connection and used it on all 3 of our boats. I now wish we had taken very good before and after photos, as the results were unbelievable The students now see the real value in cleaning everything with Salt-X after use in the ocean. We also have tools with years of service and almost rusted solid, we started soaking them in Salt-X and now they are back to working like they should. We are buying Salt-X by the gallon now and couldn’t see doing preventative maintenance without it!”

Alfred White
Faculty, Oceans Technology Advanced Diploma
Nova Scotia Community College
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

"We started using Salt-X when we got our first speed boat. We live on a lake that connects with the ocean so at times the water becomes brackish which stains the side of our white boat. At the end of the season when we pulled the boat out we used Salt-X to clean the residue off the side and it worked like a charm. It was easy to use and our boat looked like new again! I strongly recommended this product to anyone. It even worked amazing to remove the stain from pollen and tree residue in the spring. Salt-X is our go to product for keeping our boat looking sleek and like new."

Trevor Marshall
Porters Lake, NS